image Becoming You, Wonderful You

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Your laughter rings out

As your feet start to race

Your steps pound the floor

For a fun game of chase.


Your eyes dance with mischief

Our gestures you ape

Your cheeky smile blooms

At your youthful, sweet jape.


You throw your arms wide

The warmest hello

Your hand then waves keenly

When time comes to go.


You wriggle with glee

When offered a treat

Your appetite piqued

By something tasty to eat.


And as you discover

The world as you go

Your eyes glow with wonder

The more that you know.


Then when you get sleepy

You seek our embrace

Because cuddled together

Is your best napping space.


Where once was confusion

We now understand

What you want to express

With a clasp of the hand.


Our darling, our daughter,

A pleasure to know

Funny, loving and clever

Becoming you as you grow.



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