image First Day

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You didn’t turn around

You just looked ahead

Letting someone else

Hold you instead.


You didn’t look back

Without fear you went

Not a murmur or moan

Or sign of dissent.


You didn’t hesitate

Your confidence clear

Not a shred of worry

Or a hint of fear.


You showed no doubt

Not a falling tear

Or vociferous cry

For all to hear.


You held yourself

With poise and grace

Not a single frown

On your pretty face.


But I was the one

Who let out a sob

An ache in my chest

That I could feel throb.


My tears a mix

Of joy and of pride

For the first time we weren’t

Right by your side.


You didn’t turn around

You made my heart soar

My little baby girl

We couldn’t ask for more.

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