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Last year I set myself a challenge of writing a poem in Italian. I never did it – until now. It’s very simple but it was something I wanted to write and I believe….just write, whatever is in your head or heart, just write.

In Italia
In Italia, voglio stare
Nella campagna
O al mare.

Italia, mi manca,
Di questo paese
Non sarò stanca.

Un giorno andremo
A Pisa, Bologna
O Sanremo.

Italia, cosí bella
Splende luminosa
Come una stella.

In Italy
I want to be in Italy
In the countryside
Or by the sea.

I miss Italy
Of this country
I will not tire.

One day we will go
To Pisa, Bologna
Or Sanremo.

Italy, so beautiful
Shining bright
Like a star.

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